Our Mission

AutoPersonnelSM,s Mission is to “Assist Automotive Dealerships by providing top-notch staffing to meet the need for improved customer satisfaction and employee retention, while providing meaningful jobs for military personnel transitioning into the civilian workforce.”

At AutoPersonnelSM , we understand that employee retention is a vital key to success. Our goal is to match up great employees with great employers. Our focus is on automotive, truck, motorcycle, boat, and heavy equipment dealer industry. We also specialize in recruiting for the car and truck rental and leasing industry.

The market demand for this service is high, due to a 27%+ turnover rate in automotive technicians, sales and parts department employees (100,000 / year); coupled with the transition of 250,000 military personnel into the civilian world each year. Projections are for demand to grow at 6% / year over the next 5 – 7 years (NADA Data Report – 2018).

In addition to a database of highly experienced retail candidates, AutoPersonnel has recently secured an agreement that allows access to resumes of experienced and highly-trained exiting military veterans.

  • Management Team has served in the automotive industry since 1967.

  • Strong relationships with automotive dealers and military bases across the U.S.

  • Continuous updating of job postings and new candidate resumes.

We are uniquely qualified for success due to our 50+ years of experience in the automotive industry, diverse executive turnaround / growth & acquisition management, and strong military relationships.

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Our Team

Jim Howell
Jim HowellFounder and President

Jim Howell is the Founder and President of AutoPersonnel, Inc. Jim has served franchised new car dealers since 1967. For nearly two decades, Jim held field service management positions with General Motors. He also worked with new-car dealers for nearly five years as a executive with Pat Ryan & Associates. In addition, Jim has provided personnel staffing and training to new-car dealerships since 1986. Jim can be reached via e-mail at: Jim@AutoPersonnel.com

David M. Hickey (BS/MBA)
David M. Hickey (BS/MBA)Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Hickey has over 20 years of C-Level executive experience, with over 20 years at the President / CEO level. David is considered by his peers to be a strategy focused global operations executive, with a passion for metrics and marketing. He has diverse international experience in acquisitions and mergers as well as dynamic turnaround / start-up / growth management skills in a variety of high technology manufacturing and service industries. Mr. Hickey is responsible for turnaround of 17 international divisions, diversifying and growing 3 publicly traded & 2 private companies, and negotiating 19 global acquisitions. He has served on the board of ten global companies, assisting each in developing and executing aggressive top and bottom line growth strategies.

Dottie Rhea
Dottie RheaVice President of Administration

Dottie Rhea serves as Vice President of Administration in AutoPersonnel’s central placement office. Dottie has more than fifteen years automotive-related experience. Dottie has been with AutoPersonnel since its inception. Dottie is dedicated to support in achieving the highest degree of quality and service in placements. Dottie can be reached via e-mail at: DottieRhea@AutoPersonnel.com

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